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Available Kittens

Below are the Maine Coon Kittens that we have available! 

Please visit our "Info" page for more information on the adoption process and to view our Health Guarantee and Purchase Agreement .

Please note, we cannot hold any Kitten for any length of time without a deposit. Once a deposit is placed on a Kitten, that deposit is not Transferable to another Kitten.  

You can call or text us with any questions 941-626-6628

Prices listed are pet prices.  Breeding rights are available to approved breeders for an additional cost. 

We are located in beautiful Punta Gorda Florida, and you are welcome to come and meet the Kittens in person!


   Shipping and Delivery:

We also offer 2 shipping options for those who are not located locally.


Out Of State Shipping:


we ship out of state through our wonderful pet nanny team, meaning we meet the nanny at the airport and hand the kitten off to them, and they bring the kitten on the plane , in cabin with them, and meet you at your local airport. This is an extremely safe and low stress way to send our kittens all over the US! 

In The State Of Florida Delivery:

We offer delivery in the State of Florida as well. Sometimes,  people are not able to drive to us, so we bring the Kitten to them! We have a few amazing Kitty drivers that help us deliver anywhere in the State of Florida!


Asher is a little boy 

Color - Platinum Silver

Price - $2500



Lynx is a little girl

Color - Tabby

Price - $2500

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